GLORY WEDDING CARD (GWC) is an internet marketing business selling wedding cards. In new era of wedding cards website featuring traditional and contemporary concept and design for your exclusive wedding ceremony! Let your dreams come true. Surf our latest wedding cards collection, make it as you wish, only at gloryweddingcard.blogspot.com….!
The best service
we have received and manage orders from all states in West Malaysia, including Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Singapore. Wherever you are, we always give the best services for your special wedding ceremony. Time, Quality and Customized Design to Your needs is our most concern. Just choose your cards from our best collection ;)

Service delivery tools
You are outside Johor or Malaysia? Wish to book our wedding cards? At GLORY WEDDING CARD (GWC), we will assist you to packed and arrange for delivery. Just pay the courier / delivery charges according to your wedding cards weight, that’s all. Just leave it to us, because you are our LIFE.
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